Bookstagrammer Interview Series: Meet Fatima

This post is the fourth installment of a special “Bookstagrammer Interview Series.” I interview bookstagrammers whose work isn’t limited to adding hashtags and getting advance review copies (ACRs). I am looking for people who are sharing amazing, thought-provoking and engaging content. This time, I shared a 10-question interview form with Fatima.

For those wondering how to participate: I handpick people of my choosing via Instagram (your fan base matters the “least” to me, please be assured about it). If you’d genuinely like to contribute to this series, then I’ll encourage you to DM or send me your email at @writerly_life; and I’ll send across the interview Google form to you. Hope you love this installment and other interviews.

Meet Fatima (Instagram: @readingfatima)

1. Tell us something about yourself. Some pointers: a) Where were you born? b) What did you study? c) When did you start reading? d) If you can tell us the first book that you read or the one that piqued your interest? e) Any special bookish memory?

I was born and brought up in Mumbai, but I’ve graduated from Karnataka. I’m a Dentist. I started reading when I was almost five, I could also compose my own 10-lines essay by then, words have been very kind to me. I started my reading journey from various children digest, my mother would pick them for us from a particular scrap dealer because finding them in English was a task in the place where we lived in my childhood, and subscriptions weren’t affordable for us.

Image Courtesy: Fatima (@readingfatima)

2. When did you start your bookstagram account? (A drop-down selection-based question.)

Between one and two years.

Image Courtesy: Fatima (@readingfatima)

3. What sort of content do you upload on your bookstagram? Whatever you’d like to answer, in detail or in a single line, feel free to express.

If someone goes through my timeline they would find a mix of popular, underrated and even books by new author, more of Indian authors though. I’ve been approached even by foreign authors just because of my weird taste in books. All this within a year, so it’s good. I try my best to present with good pics (I try although I fail to put up a theme). I also write about current topics or whatever views I want to put forth.

4. If you’re a full-time professional, we’d love to know what you do.

I’m a dentist but right now I’m on a Sabbath due to some unforeseen problems that arose due to the lockdown.

5. Do you rate books? If yes, why do you think books should be rated? If no, what’s your politics or rationale behind it?

I don’t, I hate it. I add only if I’m told to do it, so mostly my ratings run from three to five😁, I really don’t get the concept of talking about someone’s research, literary flair and especially the art of storytelling in some five star. I hate it especially because some people choose to buy and not buy looking at those number of twinkling stars, which is unacceptable to me.

6. Would you like to share a book (or many) that you loved reading the most?

Talk to me, let me know what you like reading. I’ll tell you my most loved book related to that genre.😊

7. What sort of books do you like? Do you have a certain affinity toward a particular genre?

I like fiction mostly but I’ve also started reading nonfiction lately and I’m enjoying. Now if I have to choose the genre then I’d say that I like to read all, but I particularly abhor romance, horror and autobiography.

8. Mix up your favorite books’ names and tell us something about yourself.

An Alchemist with Gifted Hands letting the world know It’s Not About the Burqa, but the societal Pinjar.

Image Courtesy: Fatima (@readingfatima)

A Note by the Interviewer: I encourage the interviewee to pour their heart out. This is their moment to share what they’ve to say about reading, writing and books, so I don’t edit much, except the style bit. I take a when something is out-rightly offensive and in no way adding value to the whole piece; and for those parts I don’t consult with the interviewee.

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