Oliver Sacks — His Life & His Times

The first time I learned about Oliver Sacks was via the only blog of its kind Brain Pickings. Maria Popova‘s (founder and author at Brain Pickings) wonderful article — Love, Lunacy, and a Life Fully Lived: Oliver Sacks, the Science of Seeing, and the Art of Being Seen — arrested my senses and I was introduced to, the person who will become a major inspiration for … Continue reading Oliver Sacks — His Life & His Times

Who Is Society Anyway?

“You’ve a license to love now!” Saying this, they rushed towards me. Overwhelmed with joy,  they couldn’t contain their happiness for me. I stayed calm. They’re disappointed. “Ye kaunsa pyaar hai?” (What kind of love is this?) I listened to them as well, who couldn’t help but scream at me. I screamed back with 2x decible level. They’re disappointed. At two different places, I have … Continue reading Who Is Society Anyway?


I see your reflection in the moon,I long to chase it.I know that it ain’t the ‘real’ youbut the heart wants what it wants;I throw my hands in the airhop-and-jump, what all I didn’t doto map this length. This distance, this separation,it’s unbearable.But O, my love, I adore the sparklingand shimmering lightwhich this moon emanates.I feel like you’ve sent the warmthacross andI see the stars … Continue reading Paradise

Amrita Pritam: Her Poems, My Life and Love

हैरान होता था जब बार बार ऐसे सपने से आते थे की अमृता प्रीतम कुछ कह रहीं हैं मुझसे, मुझसे? कहाँ वो रूहानीयत की मूरत और मैं बेग़ैरत इंसान । पर अच्छे से याद है “आज वारिज शाह नूं “, “साहिर “, और “इमरोज़”। ….. लगता था की वो बगावत थी या सिर्फ रूह की आवाज़ को सुनने वाली, इक पंजाबन। पता नहीं, पर जबसे … Continue reading Amrita Pritam: Her Poems, My Life and Love

What I Feel About Bukowski’s ‘So You Want to Be a Writer?’

It’s my habit now, when I come from office and set my bedding in the room which is not my own, a house which used to be home once, first thing I do is open my laptop and check e-mails. I know, it sounds too professional but that’s how it is. Day before yesterday, I stumbled upon this video, How to be creative: How an … Continue reading What I Feel About Bukowski’s ‘So You Want to Be a Writer?’

चाय का प्याला और हम: एक कविता

चाय का प्याला लिएगुनगुना रहे हैंइस कुदरत की भी खुसर फुसर जारी हैदेख रहा हूँ किमेरा यार आसमाँ में यूँ देखता हैकि जैसे कोई अपनीनयी दुल्हन के घूँघटके अंदर झाँक रहा हो। मैं, उसमे खोया हूं,वो आसमां में।बात नहीं कर रहे हमपर बहुत कुछ कह चुके हैं। दिक्कत तो ये हैकि यहाँ से जाने का मन नहीं हैऔर ये बात हम दोनों जानते हैं।पर जब … Continue reading चाय का प्याला और हम: एक कविता